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Streamliner Through-Coolant Tool HoldersSwiss Tool Holder in Action
What a Splash! Increase your production by 25% and more

Streamliner, the ultimate lathe tool holder system in 50 years

Streamliner tool holders feature coolant delivery through the shank "without seals" that is suited for low pressure or high pressure to 10,000 Psi. The through coolant turning, profiling and threading holders for the "Swiss Family" range are 8mm, 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" for square and rectangular shanks. The standard CNC lathes turning and profiling holder range 3/4" and 1" for square and rectangular shanks. The holders are provided with interchangeable coolant distribution plates at the insert top level. Optimized tool holder rake angles are also introduced and in combination with the interchangeable coolant distribution will produce

Better Quality, Cost Savings, Time Savings and Environmental Savings

All tool holders have the Streamliner Interchangeable Coolant Distribution Plates for high, medium and low volume coolant delivery.

The Streamliner coolant supply system is patented with the following numbers:

USA: US 6652200 Europe:  EP 1450977
Mexico:  MX 246980     Canada: CA 2464157
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